Planet Zee • A Wild World • Four Moons • Four Alien Shamans
Only 1 can become the Master Zee

The Game


ElemenZ is a highly interactive dice-driven dueling game for gamers of all ages.

Each player chooses an Alien Shaman associated with the four main elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water with a fifth form of wild energy – ‘Z’ (represented by a hand of 7 custom Energy Dice) that all Shamans can bend to their will to defeat their opponents.

The four Alien races summon elemental energy totems and through them use combinations of their dice and totem abilities for various powerful effects that aim to drain the vital energy forces (dice) from each other until only one Shaman remains.

The winning Shaman is rightfully chosen as the Master Zee.

ROKZYN  – Element: FIRE

The Rokzyn (pron. ‘Rookzeen’) are truly born of their element. Clan-based pack creatures with blazing hearts, the Rokzyn are the apex predator of their burning moon world. Sent out by their matriarch leader in long distance hunting packs, the male Rokzyn can tirelessly cover huge swaths of their world, searching for the smaller creatures driven out of their homes by the ever shifting lava flows. Rokzyn eat anything moving, since nothing can survive meltdown in their burning stomachs.

The in-game combos useable by the Rokzyn player include:

Game Info

Kickstarter Limited Edition (2 games in 1 box)
: 8+
Duration: ~30 mins (variable on player style)
Difficulty level: Beginner to Gamer
Players: 2 or 3-4
Whats In the Box: 4 player boards (double sided), 28 custom energy dice, 4 totem boards, 40 energy tokens, 12 Avatar tokens, 5 reference cards, 2 rulebooks (French/English)

Style of Play:
Risk versus reward
Balanced amount of luck
Take-that style of play

Dice management
Resource management
Quick tactical play

XYRYX (Element: EARTH)

The Xyryx (pron. ‘Kzie-rix’) are Weavers. A hive-minded race of silicon-based lifeforms, the insectoid Xyryx mine their helium rich (but gravity poor) moon, growing nests of clustered crystals atop rocky pinnacles. Xyryx are not the predators of their world and are preyed upon by other larger lifeforms. Once a nest is laid, the Xyryx weave complex strands of beryl silicate from their tall spinnarets around the base of their chosen rocky outcrop, chewing away at the base until the stone breaks free and starts to rise into the air – now anchored out of reach of ground dwelling predators by the many hundreds of silicate strands.

The in-game combos useable by the Xyryx player include:


ElemenZ incorporates a push-your-luck style of risk play with multiple ‘take-that’ tactical options depending on how you use your energy dice to control the flow of the game. Go on the offensive, protect yourself defensively, keep your totem topped up with energy or use those elusive Avatar sprites! Use the wild 5th ‘Z’ energy to help fulfill your combos – but beware! Roll too many ‘Z’s and your Shaman loses control of the energy, blocking your combos from activating and leaves you open to swift retaliation from the other Shamans.

Each player has only 7 energy dice each (their life points) so great care must be taken in how to use them and what combos to trigger. Heal or attack, mess up another player’s options, play a denial game by weakening your opponents or set another Shaman up as a better target ?

The Totems (a modular add-on to the basic game) add another level of tactical choice as they can greatly buff your abilities – to complete combos, recover from other Shaman’s combo attacks, mess with other players or protect yourself from wild surges. But… the energy tokens in the totems are limited in number and available to all Shamans; a dwindling resource that can run out quickly and should your totem run out – it is removed from the game and your Shaman is now on its own!

The Avatars (a modular expansion) add quick use additional options to further tactical play. Each Avatar has a different benefit to the controlling Shaman and each player starts with 2, so as they get used they return to an ever increasing pool of options available to all Shamans. Use the Avatars at the right time but don’t leave it too late or other Shamans will burn them away, denying you that chance!

ElemenZ is easy for all gamers of any level to master, is quick to play and above all great fun!


The Ikzravek (pron. ‘Ixs-raveck’) are creatures of the lightless depths of their ammonia rich ice-bound moon. Little is known about what they get up to below the cracked and frozen surface of their world except that they construct amazing and vast towering cities in the deeps. A rumour suggests that the Ikzravek are not a natural race but in fact bio-mechanoids left behind eons ago by another star-faring race.

The in-game combos useable by the Ikzravek player include:


On a windswept rocky ridge above pounding ocean surf, lit by the primal reflections from the planet’s four inhabited moons, four figures climb towards a wild summit. Three Master Shamans, each the envoy from their homeworld approach the ancient edifice atop the ridge.

The fourth awaits them from the top, a being mostly comprised of magmatite and with a beating heart of molten lava growls deep in its throat in anticipation of the coming challenge and inhales deeply of the wisps of uncontrolled energy that permeate the rocky top. This planet, known by the four moon cultures simply as Planet ‘Z’ (or ‘Zee’), gliding through the edge of space, is a wild and uninhabited place except for every seven years.

Then, the most powerful Shamani, leaders of their respective cultures arrive to challenge each other in an elemental duel to decide which culture gains ascendency for the next seven years. Drawing on the primal ‘Z’ energy infusing the planet, the Shamani summon totemic forces, combining their own element with the wild energy to create powerful effects. Then the totems do battle until only one is left.

The winner that proves they are the most proficient at controlling all five primal elements claims the title of Master Zee and all four worlds will pay homage to that culture until the next conjunction.

ZYLRYNE (Element: AIR)

The Zylryne (pron. ‘Zaylreen’) are ephemeral creatures of the upper airs of their world. This race inhabits a moon circling planet Zee and has the nearest orbit to the sun. The Zylryne are photosynthetic, absorbing and manipulating the harsh light of their white dwarf star. The energy absorbed generates a form of electricity that they store within their semi-solid bodies and can use it to generate local effects such as lightning or (most often) into wings of light – that they use to fly between the craggy pinnacles of rock that they call home.

The in-game combos useable by the Zylryne player include: