The Game

Play as a powerful Lanista, the owner of a famous gladiator school, in this highly entertaining card battling game.

Choose a specialist Gladiator to enter deadly events sponsored by powerful roman officials. Win glory in the arena sufficient to present your gladiators at the infamous colosseum in Rome.

But wait, this is not just a card battling game!

Use your Lanista’s secret ability to influence fight outcomes, make side bets on who will likely win the fight, set your Gladiator up to take a fall or gain glory from the bloodthirsty crowd.

Only those who complete the Wheel of Glory will perform before great Caesar while those who fail will be left behind in the arena dust.


The 5 Gladiators – Thracian, Hoplomachus, Secutor,
Murmillo and Retiarius

Game Info

Age: 10+
Duration: ~90mins (for a 3-4 round game)
Players: 3-5 (base game) – works best with 4, 5 (6 or 7 with the expansion)

Gladiatores is currently at the demo/review stage prior to Kickstarter

Game Contents
5 Gladiator Type cards
3 decks of combat cards (Attack, Defense, Effects)
5 sets of Gladiator specific combat cards
8 Lanista Role cards
6 Event cards
5 Turn order tokens
Wound tokens
Glory wedge tokens
5 sets of Gambling tokens
40 rose petal tokens (crowd favour *not shown*)

Gladiatores set contents

Gladiatores set contents

Game Play

Gladiatores uses a set of different gladiator specialists (with unique abilities) including the Murmillo, Hoplomacho, Secutor, Retiarius and Thracian with a wide array of specific combat move cards (such as Thrust, Dodge, Feint etc) that allow players to feel the visceral struggle of tactical close combat as they fight to survive, claim victory and glory. Combat uses a simple ‘trumping’ system to resolve combat moves, allowing cards to be chained in complex but intuitive sequences of attack and counterattack. Variable (and devious) Lanista roles add secret strategies and with careful planning, can dramatically change the expected outcomes of battles and make all the difference to the glory gained when blades flash and the blood flows.

In order to win the game, a player must use his gladiator warriors and abilities wisely, gaining as much fame and glory as possible in the arenas to win the victory wreaths for each match. At the same time, a Lanista made rich through careful gambling on fight outcomes and fame from pleasing the crowd will possibly gain enough extra glory to attract Caesar’s attention and win the game.