About BadCat Games


The Captain. Compulsive tweaker, dice maniac and game hoarder. GameFu set to max. Goes well with fondue and a nice grenache.


First Mate. Inked up techno-mancer and scruffy looking game-herder.


Coxswain. Chiselled in form and feature. Sculptor of all manner of flotsam. Occasionally rolls dice.


Deckswab and part-time Pirate. Chief tester, Poker of holes and damn fine marksman.

BadCat Games

…BadCatGames is an indie tabletop game design and publishing studio in Scotland. We specialise in card games, boardgames, tile-laying, puzzle and (in the future possibly) RPG games. Our games are primarily theme driven, offering maximum accessibility, immersion and realism and above all are fun to play by any gamer – whether just a beginner or a seasoned gaming nut. The four gaming watchwords we live by are Theme, Audience, Appeal and Learning – which spells…err… TAAL! (interestingly, Taal is a volcano in the Philippines and a God of Nature and Wild Places in the Warhammer gaming universe – so that’s cool).


The theme is what makes a game stand out from the hoard – it catches your eye, becomes intriguing, makes you want to take a closer look. With sensible gameplay mechanics that fit the theme like a kid glove, a game becomes easier to learn, more involving for the player and ultimately more enjoyable for everyone.

Forget games that take 20 mins for a player to take their turn


Our games offer wide audience appeal and strong thematic content. To this recipe we add simplicity of play, excitement and replayability to the mix. We aim for our games to have that instant appeal to young and old alike. After all, the children of today can be the gamers of tomorrow.

A game should be instantly appealing


There is still a huge range of games waiting to be created. Games that grab you and don’t let go. Games that you can play curled up with a whisky by a roaring winter fire, sneaked out of your pocket on a long journey or miraculously appear out of a sunday roast (ok, maybe not the last one but you get our drift). Our aim is to support talented new game designers and the intriguing ideas they create. And you! The gamer that supports this wonderful hobby.

We make games that grab you, shake you and leave you wanting more.


Additionally, the BCG team understand how a gamified experience encourages learning through understanding. We’ve been through the sterile droning monotony of old school teaching and survived. Future generations need engagement, interactivity, goal achievement.

This is why we are actively encouraging schools in Scotland to develop lesson-based gaming experiences that offer a stronger group learning experience. We support this through our recently launched Gaming in Schools project.