Dreams can’t hurt you. Can they?

In DREAMeSCAPE, you play as the dream spirit of a 1920’s pulp horror writer such as H.P Lovecraft or Clarke Ashton Smith. Trapped behind the door of sleep by dreams tyrannous gods, you must explore the amorphous and ever-changing landscape, find the keys and unlock one of the few doors that lead out of the realm and let you awaken from the nightmare. But Cthulhu and the slumbering Old Ones covet all that enter Dreamland and will not let you simply leave without a struggle. You must delve deep into the secrets of the land, survive encounters with dream denizens and by learning from these events, find the way to escape.

Success means coming awake, but failure leads to insanity, locked forever in a dream within your own mind!

Dreamecape is a narrative driven exploration and survival adventure game driven by storyline encounter cards drawn from various location decks. Each encounter offers roleplaying-like choices for the player(s) to choose to advance the story. The chances of success of these encounters is based on previous knowledge (memory) of the game being played (a unique Deja vu mechanism) and the equipment that the player has accumulated during the game so far. But all knowledge comes at a price. Using up benefits gained from previous encounters to get ahead will drive the player’s character deeper into the slumbering world and potential insanity.

Dreamescape is primarily a Solo player experience but there will be options to include a 2nd player (playing another dreamer of the Dreamlands). The two players must co-operate to survive as the Gods of Dreamlands will work doubly hard to prevent their escape.


Cover art by Mario (Magolobo) Romero.

Dreamescape is scheduled for release in 2020.