Freezing cryogel cables hiss as they retract into the sides of your cryopod. As you wake with a chemical-induced headache, the lid of your pod pops open letting warm and oddly humid air rushing into your nose. You smell… foliage?

A holoscreen blinkers on above your face, shining purple data scrolling down, making you flinch as the light pierces your still blurred vision. Blinking away gel, you read the info…

342 years!!? You punch the screen with your fingers requesting a recalculate but the data remains the same. You’ve been locked in cryo for over 300 years!

A flood of error messages begin scrolling up the screen and then a scan image of the planet appears, wrapped in an orbital sheath of holographic hexagons that flash sporadically; databursts of alien code squirting out into space. Could this be what caused the ship to crash?

Genesis (noun: the origin or beginning of something)
Exo (prefix: outside, alien)

EXOGENESIS is a survival exploration game of the 4X style. The 1st Contact Exosurvey MSRV (Medium Space Research Vessel) ‘Cygnus X2’ on route to Proxima Centauri is subverted by an alien digital virus that causes the ship to crash on an alien world. The ship is badly damaged, crew and resources compromised, the simian uplift workers have gone feral (and after 340 years have formed their own society!) and SSAI the ship’s computer talks of an alien signal emanating from somewhere far across this exoplanet’s surface.

As surviving officers onboard, You the players must work together to survive, to explore to repair the ship and leave or ultimately decipher the coded alien signal that brought you to this world. Or will you squander your chances at survival, turn to personal profit and ultimately succumb to the dangers of a new hostile world?  Exogenesis is a tough game with powerful protagonists. Failure to prioritise and work diplomatically with each other will lead to failure, and death for the crew.

You have been warned.

ExoGenesis is a co-operative world exploration game set in the ElemenZ universe where players must work together and balance their limited resources against the need to build survival technologies, explore and reap the benefit from an alien world while avoiding succumbing to the many dangers awaiting them. They will also require negotiation skills and to show compromise as each player is also trying to further their own area of expertise, agenda, and ultimately their victory reward.

But on this world, they are not alone…