The Monkey King Sun Wukong has decreed that to become his disciples, the monkeys of Huaguo (the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers) must turn the wild jungle into a kingdom that pleases him. To do so they must tame the mountain by following the Six Principles of Zen; creating streams and paths through the jungle while collecting and arranging interesting features such as fruit trees, statues and shrines. Sun Wukong and his acolytes however will be patrolling the wilds, trying to catch unwary monkeys; who will learn enlightenment through toil and humility. Additionally, resources will be scarce to begin with so, being monkeys, it will be easier to steal items from neighbours than it will be to collect items for themselves …and King Monkey actively encourages competition amongst his subjects!


Game Mechanisms

Tile laying – worker placement – resource gathering – set collection – hidden movement

Gameplay Summary

Stealthily collect resources to fashion your own garden for King Monkey and score points by laying the tiles of your garden according to Zen principles. Take care to not make noise while collecting to avoid Sun Wukong’s acolytes or chase away another player’s monkey. Pay attention to your rivals’ designs and what they are collecting and try to protect your garden from other thieving monkeys. Avoid over-collecting resources because messy monkeys will be punished! In the end, only one disciple will impress Sun Wukong with his understanding of zen principles and win the game!



The game lasts 2 revolutions of the moon or until the 1st player has completed laying all tiles into his garden. Players then score their garden, gaining victory points (VPs) for all the features and resources they have managed to place. Empty spaces in gardens and unplaced resources cost negative VPs. Finally each garden is scored by Sun Wukong himself in the 6 Zen principles. The winning player will be King Monkey’s favourite; the monkey who designs the most interesting garden with the most clever placement of features and pays the most homage to Sun Wukong himself!


Zen Monkeys is currently in development with a scheduled release planned for 2020.

As a hopeful disciple of the new King Monkey (Great Sage Equal of Heaven!), you must build a beautiful garden on HuaGuo the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers according to the six principles of zen. Impress King Monkey with gifts of fruit trees, landscape features and pay him homage with statuary in this gorgeous tile-laying resource gathering euro game.